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Raven staff will try to update this as often as possible. There are many great resources out there for processing how to's and troubleshooting so I don't see the point in recreating existing information. If you want to see something in particular please send us a request and we will see what we can do. Over the years we have developed many 'How To' documents that our customers use often and incorporate into their own internal training programs and job definition binders.

Training Tips (February 28 2014)
It does not matter how amazing your software is or what exhaustive number of features it has if you are not utilizing them. Initial training is overwhelming for most controllers and data entry staff. Whether it is a new start up company, an upgrade, or migration to a new software. The primary goal for most companies is to get the business up and running - Payroll, Invoicing, Deposits - and many advanced features like reporting are pushed off to the side for a later date and then forgotten. 

Take a look at what you are doing as a company. You have an idea of the challenges of your business and the types of transactions and reports you need. Are you stuck in a rut of just doing things this way or that way because that is 'the way it was always done'? Do you have a gut feeling that the processes you go through could be simplified? Perhaps a review of your processes and some advanced training might make the difference. At Raven we not only believe in working hard but also working smart and that means constantly review your processes and update your knowledge to make your job easier. TRAINING IS GOOD.

Accpac Versions (March 7 2014)

Over the past several years we have been subjected to several branding and name changes implemented by Sage. While change is good the transition is normally difficult for people like me who are used to the way it was. I have found it better to embrace change or find I get plowed over by it.

Even Sage has some issues with their own naming conventions as they call the latest version (of "Accpac") both Sage 300 2012 and Version 6.1 simultaneously. 

Depending on what time you became involved with Accpac and now Sage I have created a reference list to show you what version is called as of March 2012.

Accpac Enterprise Edition  =  Sage 500 ERP = Sage Premium Edition
Accpac Corporate Edition = Sage 200 ERP =  Sage Advanced Edition
Accpac Small Business = Sage 100 = Sage Standard Edition
Accpac Discovery Edition = no longer available

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